Bible Study

The Bible, God's word

Sunday Morning

Bible classes for all ages are held at the building each Sunday morning at 9:30 am.

Adult classes for December-February are:

  • Christianity in the Workplace – Paul Forrest, Bailey Forrest, Tom Shamblee – Auditorium – All of us either work for a living or depend on someone who works for a living. Is work just a means to provide food, clothing, and shelter, or is work designed into our nature? What does the Bible have to say about the role of work in the lives of Christians, and the role of Christians in the workplace? The winter quarter auditorium class for Sunday mornings will explore these topics.
  • Potters Clay – Crazy Love – Eric Thanos – Education Wing 2nd floor – Throughout history and even today, many people see the description of God’s love for His people and His people’s love for God as crazy. This may be a result of seeing how the church acts within the world. Our study will determine what an accurate view of God is, encourage us to examine ourselves and the church though this view of God, encourage us to take scripture at face value, and ultimately challenge lukewarm attitudes.  It will show us what Crazy Love is all about. Based on the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan.
  • Spanish Bible Study – Downstairs fellowship room


Wednesday Night

Midweek Bible classes occur at the building at 7:00 pm each Wednesday. Classes are available for different groups, followed by a short devotional for all at 7:45.

Adult classes for December – February are:

  • The Book of Acts – Elisha Freeman – Auditorium.
  • Spanish Bible Study – Downstairs fellowship room.