What’s New?

Wednesday night classes will resume at the building on January 6, 2021. The adult auditorium class will also be streamed on YouTube.

Online Classes

Sunday Bible Study (English) – Hebrews – Pre-recorded, available on our YouTube channel after 8:00 am Sundays.

Midweek Bible Study (English) – Gospel of Mark – Available in-person and streamed live on YouTube, Wednesday nights at 7 pm.

Here’s the recording of a recent class:

RCC Kids Coloring Sheets

Sunday Morning

No Bible classes are currently available at the building, due to COVID-19. Online listings are above.

Wednesday Night

Adult Auditorium class on the Gospel of Mark at 7:00pm. Also live streamed on YouTube.

Youth group meets in Annex.

No other age groups at this time at building on Wednesday night.


Our Sunday May 10, 2020 YouTube class was the start of short series on Sure Foundations:

Our Sunday April 19, 2020 YouTube class was the start of short series on Rediscovering the Resurrection:

In summer/fall 2017, several of our adult classes studied events and places from the life of Christ, using the Following the Messiah videos from Appian Media, which may also be viewed on YouTube.

In the last adult Following the Messiah class, Bailey Forrest shared a Possible Post-Resurrection Timeline covering the various appearances recorded in the Bible, in between Jesus’ resurrection and ascension.

In Spring 2017, we had lessons on four aspects of the problem of suffering, here are the slides from those: