I am the Door

Feb 18, 2024   Elisha Freeman — Our passage of Scripture this morning contains one of the more memorable statements made by Jesus concerning life. Jesus came to give abundant life to all who would submit their lives to Him. How is this abundant life accessed? This morning Jesus, in his third ‘I am’ statement, will answer this for us.

Who is Jesus? I am the Light of the World

Feb 11, 2024   Elisha Freeman — In our current sermon series, we are seeking to find the answer to the question ‘Who is Jesus?’ And we are turning to the seven ‘I am’ statements to allow Jesus to speak for himself. This morning we arrive at the second statement that Jesus makes that speaks to our current spiritual condition and how He, being the light of the world, has come to set us free from sin and darkness.

Who is Jesus? I am the Bread of Life

Feb 04, 2024  Elisha Freeman — As we move into the month of February, we launch into a  a new sermon series entitled “I am”. This series starts with the question “Who is Jesus?” and will Jesus to answer this question with seven distinct statements all beginning with the phrase ‘I am’. This morning we being with Jesus’ statement “I am the bread of life’.

Jesus: The Eternal One

Jan 21, 2024  Elisha Freeman — Who is Jesus? A question that had to be answered in Jesus’ day and needs to be answered in our day. Is He just a great moral and ethical teacher, a religious guru who had some good things to say, or is Jesus more? He and the writers of the Gospel’s will answer that Jesus is more; in fact Jesus is God! This morning we are going back to one of these writers and see why these claims were made and how they help us answer our question.

The Oneness of God

Jan 07, 2024 — Adam Hudson — Every day is an opportunity to give thanks for the oneness of God. He made everything once and then He rested. Most of us don’t think about how important that oneness is for all mankind, the reason is because our thoughts are not His thoughts, and neither are our ways His ways. But in everything created there is a pattern of oneness He made so that man is not able to find out the beginning nor the ending of anything that He made.


We Are At War : Flesh Vs Spirit

Dec 24, 2023  Eric Howell — As the birth of Jesus Christ is being celebrated across the world,  our discussion this morning will focus on Christians’ battle between the desires of the flesh versus the desires of the spirit.  God our Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit have provided us with the instructions to overcome the battle between our flesh and our spirit.   We thank God for the birth of Jesus and the example He set for us, in dealing with these challenges.