In the Eye of the Storm

Apr 28, 2024    Charlie Vasquez — Do you ever have those days (weeks?) where life just seems to keep coming and coming? You think, “If I can just get through this storm it’ll be okay”. Sometimes in life we get into the middle of a storm and get overwhelmed. Jesus himself had days where life just kept coming. Today, we look at one of Jesus’ longest days and how we can learn to handle life from His example.

Who is Jesus” The Human One who Experiences Trouble

Apr 21, 2024   Elisha Freeman — Jesus once said that ‘sufficient for the day is its own trouble.’ To live on this earth is to have times of trouble and no one, not even Jesus was immune to this. As a human, how did Jesus respond to trouble? How did He handle it? This morning, as we seek to be conformed to His image, we will explore these questions and gain valuable insight on how to respond as well.


Who is Jesus? The One who Helps

Apr 14, 2024   Elisha Freeman — In an attempt to emphasize the humanity of Jesus, Dorothy Sayers once said that ‘Jesus Christ is the only God who has a date in history’. This morning we continue to ask the question ‘Who is Jesus?’, however we shift from the divinity of Jesus to the humanity of Jesus and how Jesus uses His humanity to help us today.

The Lord’s Supper

Apr 07, 2024 — Elisha Freeman/Charlie Vasquez — Our focus will be on the Lord’s Supper. While we follow the command and example of having the Lord’s Supper every first day of the week, we understand that practicing the Lord’s Supper each week can unfortunately become a routine for some. Therefore, our songs, prayers, and sermon will center on the Communion. Our sermon will be broken into two parts with Elisha leading during the giving of the bread and Charlie leading during the giving of the cup.

Rescue: The Story of the Cross

Mar 24, 2024   Elisha Freeman — Our society, like any other, is captivated by a rescue story. The problem at hand, the wondering if anything can be done, the hero that emerges and accomplishes the impossible all produce an appreciation for what is done. the Bible, as the story of God, contains the greatest rescue story ever told. This morning we are going to walk through this story that finds its climax with the cross of Jesus.

The Word of the Cross”

Mar 17, 2024   Elisha Freeman — n a few weeks, most of the Christian world will focus in on and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. However, the resurrection is stripped of its significance if there is no cross. The Cross is God’s plan to reconcile the world to Himself and He has attached a message to the cross. This morning we will take a look at this message and see the depth of God’s love and mercy towards humanity.