Why is Suffering a part of the Christian’s DNA?

Oct 22, 2023 — Adam’s sin broke our spiritual and physical body in the Garden of Eden, Jesus came to fix our spiritual body, not our physical body. Remember Flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom of God, but our spiritual body can only through Jesus Christ. As a Christian LIFE’S BITTER STRUGGLES can hamper our walk with Christ and make us fearful of sharing His good news message. We should never fear the persecution and suffering that is placed on our plate Mat 5:10-11. Godly suffering is a part of the Christian DNA, that is why we were given the Holy Spirit to guide us into a new life in Christ. Col 1:27 Christ in you… Remember it was not you who started our physical suffering and spiritual decline, it was ADAM. Yet the sins I now commit are not Adam’s or Satan’s they are a result of my own sinful desires. James 1:13-15

Living the Word: Confident in Love

Oct 15, 2023 Elisha Freeman — A few weeks ago the Scriptures reminded us of what real love is; that Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins. What about real love in the church? What about real love among brothers and sister? What about real among the disciples of Jesus? The Holy Spirit will inspire the Apostle John to write to remind us that real love among each of us is not word but action and that our love for each other can and does impact our confidence.


Oct 08, 2023  Elisha Freeman — It is a momentous day when the local church establishes leadership or adds to its existing leadership. Today, our elders start the process of adding deacons to our existing leadership. This means that the Raleigh Church of Chris tis growing and that men are maturing to step into these roles. This morning we will review key New Testament passages concerning deacons that will help us in this selection process.

Living the Word: Confident in God’s Love

Oct 01, 2023  Elisha Freeman — Our sermon series has centered on one word ‘Confidence’. God’s people should be among the most confident, not because of who we are , but because of what God has done. What is it that moved God to act? What fueled His plans to redeem and save? This morning we are going to be reminded of God’s great love and how that love should give us confidence.

Quieting our internal soundtracks

Sept 24, 2023  Todd Armstrong  — At some point, all of us are faced with moments of internal doubt and/or disappointment. At times, we can give in to our internal mental soundtracks that attempt to have us focus on our shortcomings and feelings of unworthiness. Yet, how can we silence these internal soundtracks and with what can we replace them? We will look at Peter and one of his encounters with Jesus for encouragement and an example of strength.

Living the Word: Confidence, Sin, & Forgiveness

Sept 17, 2023 Elisha Freeman — Many of us are Christians. In and through faith, we repented of our sin and were baptized to have that sin washed away. Through those responses, God calls us His children. What happens when God’s children sin? What do we think? What do we believe? What do we do? The Apostle John will remind us and encourage us that even when we sin, our Heavenly Father created and maintains the opportunity to be forgiven.

Living the Word: Confidence, Fellowship, and Joy

Sep 10, 2023 — Elisha Freeman  The Holy Spirit through John makes a bold statement about the reality of eternal life: Eternal life is accessible and can be lived now not just later. What does eternal life look like now? What is a visible fruit that someone has passed from spiritual death into spiritual life? Our sermon this morning will concentrate on these questions.

Living the Word: Life and Confidence

Sep 03, 2023  Elisha Freeman — What is life? Where is life found? How is life obtained? For hundreds of years, humanity has wrestled with these questions and continues to wrestle. It is into this discussion, that the Holy Spirit inspires the Apostle John to preach a sermon, written in letter format, to instill confidence in the believer and follower of Jesus. Confidence is found in having life only given by Jesus the Christ

Is your embassy closed?

Aug 27, 2023 — Tom Shamblee  The world we see is not our home and Paul describes our bodies as tents, or temporary dwellings. (Do we see them as such?) Therefore, we are stationed here, in this foreign land, as representatives of God with a specific message He has entrusted to each of us. Today, we will be talking about what it means to be an ambassador of Christ and His representative to the world we live in.

Living the Word: Joseph and Forgiveness

Aug 20, 2023  Elisha Freeman — An unfortunate truth of our lives is that there will be people who will do bad things. Sometimes those things are intentional and sometimes they are unintentional. Either way, when that happens, what do we do? How do we respond? What is the best way to be like God? These are the questions we will seek to answer this morning.