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Why is Suffering a part of the Christian’s DNA?

Oct 22, 2023 — Adam’s sin broke our spiritual and physical body in the Garden of Eden, Jesus came to fix our spiritual body, not our physical body. Remember Flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom of God, but our spiritual body can only through Jesus Christ. As a Christian LIFE’S BITTER STRUGGLES can hamper our walk with Christ and make us fearful of sharing His good news message. We should never fear the persecution and suffering that is placed on our plate Mat 5:10-11. Godly suffering is a part of the Christian DNA, that is why we were given the Holy Spirit to guide us into a new life in Christ. Col 1:27 Christ in you… Remember it was not you who started our physical suffering and spiritual decline, it was ADAM. Yet the sins I now commit are not Adam’s or Satan’s they are a result of my own sinful desires. James 1:13-15