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Último Sermón

  • The Lord’s Supper
    Apr 07, 2024 — Elisha Freeman/Charlie Vasquez — Our focus will be on the Lord’s Supper. While we follow the command and example of having the Lord’s Supper every first day of the week, we understand that practicing the Lord’s Supper each week can unfortunately become a routine for some. Therefore, our songs, prayers, and sermon will center on the Communion. Our sermon will be broken into two parts with Elisha leading during the giving of the bread and Charlie leading during the […]

We Are Bi-lingual

Most Sundays we have separate services conducted in English and Spanish. Periodically we meet together with translation.

Tenemos Servicios Bilingüe

Normalmente tenemos servicio separado en español e Ingles. Periódicamente tenemos servicios combinados y traducidos a español.


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