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Many of our members have a long history with the country of Honduras. Over the years they not only have taken numerous mission trips, but some have lived and worked there, and several of our members are Honduran natives. In 2000, the Raleigh Church of Christ accepted responsibility for the evangelistic work now known as Project Amacuapa. The name commemorates the first congregation of the Lord’s people started in the village of Amacuapa, situated in the Valle de Amacuapa through which runs the Rio Telica. This community of a few hundred citizens is located in the county of Manto in the department of Olancho, the largest department (state) in Honduras.
From that first church planting years ago, nine active congregations associated with Project Amacuapa have grown in the following towns and villages: Amacuapa, El Jobo, San Francisco de la Paz, San Antonio, El Jute, Rio Abajo, Rio Arriba, La Lima, and Salama.
Amacuapa ClinicWhile the utmost concern of Project Amacuapa is the salvation of souls and the establishment of new congregations, various members of the Raleigh Church of Christ have utilized their professional expertise to help improve the daily lives of people in the Valle de Amacuapa. For instance, a much-needed health clinic, opened in 2005 with our oversight, has had thousands of patient visits. Several agricultural projects, including the development of a large demonstration garden and the presentation of a number of seminars related to improved dairy Amacuapa Agricultureproduction and home gardens, have been initiated and directed by our team.

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Two documents are available for download to describe more details about this work:

Project Participation

The Raleigh Church of Christ, manager and primary supporter of Project Amacuapa, receives regular contributions to this work from two other congregations: North Ridge Church of Christ in Mt. Pleasant, TX, and Plaza Church of Christ in Sumter, SC. David Chacon (Catacamas Olancho, Honduras) serves as the local Administrator of Project Amacuapa.
The Project Participation document explains opportunities to assist with Project Amacuapa. Please contact us if you would like more information.
Amacuapa Ministers