Map of Honduras Dwight and Joanne Tomkins live and work full time in the eastern mountains of Honduras in a town called Catacamas. The Tomkinses first started making summer mission trips to Honduras in 1996 to work at Baxter Institute in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, and moved to Catacamas in May, 2008. They are not in Honduras as preachers, nor as full time evangelists, but rather as workers for the Lord in whatever capacity He calls them to assist with the building up of the churches and their members. For example:

  • Very few people in Honduras have vehicles, so Dwight provides transportation for the quarterly church leaders’ meeting that is often held in remote areas.
  • Dwight teaches computer classes at a children’s home that is funded and run by the churches of Christ. He also teaches computer classes at home, and to students outside of town using a portable computer lab. He works with the local churches and preachers of the community in which he is teaching to both help train students and to enhance the church.
  • Joanne spends the majority of her time working with community health intervention and development.  She also works with the local church in the community in which she has her projects.  She earned her PhD in Public Health (Community Development) in 2014.
  • Dwight teaches Sunday School classes to the early teens at the El Colegio iglesia de Cristo (church of Christ).
  • They provide Bibles, hymnbooks, Bible study materials and even reading glasses at or below cost to anyone who wants them.

It would be impossible to say how the Tomkinses will minister in Honduras from day to day because the needs and opportunities are always changing – just as they are for those serving God’s saints in the U.S.A. The connection between the Tomkinses and the Raleigh Church of Christ came about through a chance meeting in the Tegucigalpa airport. Because of the proximity to Project Amacuapa, Mac Safley kept in touch with the Dwight and Joanne. In 2012, the elders of the Raleigh Church of Christ assumed spiritual oversight for the Tomkinses’ ministry “The Least of These – Honduras,” formerly provided by the Maple Hill congregation in Lebanon, TN.

About Catacamas

Catacamas is a city of 81,000 residents in the Olancho Department of Honduras, the same department as Amacuapa. It is accessible by mostly paved roads from Tegucigalpa, a journey of 130 miles. Amacuapa is about 45 miles from Catacamas by road.

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In order to receive financial support for their ministry, the Tomkinses have formed an association with 501(c)(3) status. The purpose of the association is to issue tax-deductible receipts for equipment and financial donations. The mailing address is:
The Least of These – Honduras
3806 Turkey Meadow Ct.
College Station, TX 77845


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