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Due to COVID-19, services at our building are limited. Use this page to see the latest schedule, view our Sunday live stream, and find other ways to participate online.

Use our Contact Us page to send prayer requests, questions, or other messages for our elders.

NEW starting Wednesday, October 7, youth group and adult Bible class available at the building. Follow same protocols as described below for Sunday, but no registration. More info on our Bible classes page.

Worship services are available at the building on Sundays. A number of measures are taken to provide a clean and safe facility for members and visitors. There is room in the main auditorium for the first 75 people that arrive. We also have a large projection screen in the Fellowship Hall downstairs for overflow viewing of the live stream. Here are four key things to know:

1. Schedule at building:

10:30 am – English service
1:00 pm – Spanish service

2. Let us know you’re coming: To make sure we limit numbers to a level that allows social distancing, we’re asking each family to register by Saturday noon before attending worship in person. 

3. Read and follow safety procedures: Stay home if you’re unwell or have been exposed to COVID-19. Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. For more details, read the elders’ Phase 2 Re-opening Plan.

4. Online option is still available: For those that aren’t ready to attend in person, we will continue to offer an English live-streamed service at 10:30 am on Sundays.

Sunday Service, English

YouTube Bible class after 8:00 am, worship service at 10:30 am. Additional songs at

Let Us Know You're Coming!

If you plan to attend a Sunday service at the building, please register by noon on Saturday so we know how many are coming. Our goal is to limit attendance at each service to a safe number. Also, be sure to review the elders’ Phase 2 Re-opening Plan, so you know the safety precautions you need to follow.

Current counts for next Sunday:

Morning, English – 17
Afternoon, Spanish – 0

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