The Value of a Woman

May 09, 2021 — Elisha Freeman — Mother’s Days brings many of fond and warm memories. In our lesson this morning, we take a look at a woman whose names means, ‘Yahweh Glorified’. She is only mentioned by name two times in the Scripture, but her impact and legacy have stood the test of time. This morning, our focus will be on Jochebed, the mother of Moses.”

Jesus’ Christmas List

Dec 01, 2019 — Elisha Freeman — An exciting tradition shared among most families is that of making the all important Christmas list. It is the list we send to Santa and the list we give to our families to request certain toys and presents for Christmas. Did you know that the Gospel of Matthew begins with a list. It certainly is an odd way to begin a biography but this list is vital to the foundation of the Gospel. This morning we will put this list under the microscope and be reminded that Jesus completes the story told by the Old Testament.